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It's the talk of the town mere days away from the 'big reveal'.
Yes, because it is 2019. A smaller caucus, so, hey, why not a bloated cabinet ? Ok, so who's in, who's out. Who's up, who's down. 'Change is coming', as the CBC's Katie Simpson warned today. Those who posit insight likely have none. Those who profess ignorance likely are. So tight is the circle of people who will determine the make-up of Justin's next Cabinet, they can be counted on the fingers of one hand or so. That scruffy Gerry, of course. Telford & hubby. Justin's mom. A couple other surprising inputters. So, here is what we are hearing from key sources who claim to know, as culled from myriad elbow bends at the usual watering holes in the Capital. The Met. Red Baton. Darcy's. Riviera. Shore. Even the Laff, don't laugh, because many an otherwise cautious politico has nattered confidential knowledge over pickled eggs and quarts of cheap lager. Let's not get bogged down in the weeds, but here are some highlights from the chattering class. For starters. Freeland. Despite the self-propelled hype, she's failed on the Ukraine/Russia & China files. And despite 3 years of trying, Nafta 2.0 still isn't buttoned up, is it. So that means, hey, let's move her and get someone else to swan around the world to patch things up. Someone with veritas. Marc Garneau is extremely palatable for this function, it is said. As for Chrystia, play to her massive ego, give her the Deputy-PM gig, whatever that means, and then saddle her with the thankless interprovincial affairs file. And what of Morneau, the unabashed face of massive deficits in Ottawa. 'Leave him there, he's a known quantity, how much worse can he get,' it is being suggested. Others say shuffle him, perhaps to Treasury Board. Mackenna is ripe for a move, possibly to Heritage, it has been floated. And if so, look for Guilbault to pick up her slack, although he may prove to be a loose cannon on the oily 'oleoduc' file. As for Pablo, National Defence beckons, with the affable Sajjan moving elsewhere. Blair would replace Ralph at Public Safety, a ministry that should logically see 'Border Security et al' folded into it as a much-needed streamlining and cost-saving measure. Fergus & Holland may become Gov't House Leader and/or Whip. McCrimmon is up for a promotion. She may find herself finally at the big table, possibly in charge of Seniors. And then there are those two western Senators mentioned last week. Sask's Kline & Alberta's Mitchell, with one or both headed to minor portfolios as stop-gap placeholders. Another scenario had the Edmontonian Chretien-era cabmin & frequent Trudeau go-to Ann McLellan appointed to the Senate and right into the Cabinet as the 'defacto' western voice of reason. Minister of Democratic Institutions, or some such knicknack, but no Alberta seat opens up until 2021. We could go on, but you get the idea. Lesser mortals will have to hold their breath as they await possible gigs as parliamentary secretaries, committee postings, and what nots. All of this is inspired speculation by insiders quaffed by ale and spirits, not to mention the odd carafe of Beaujolais Nouveau, a popular pour on these surprisingly cold late-fall days in the Capital. And the pickled eggs, of course. Yes, let's not forget those pickled eggs.

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